Various Waterproofing Methods

There are many kinds of waterproofing methods used for buildings in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The best way of waterproofing depends on many factors including the current premises conditions. 

Here are some popular types of waterproofing methods:

Injection Waterproofing

As the name suggests, this involves a drilling process to allow injection of polymers into the drilled surface. Effective in repairing holes, the polymer will expand and fill up the cracks entirely, preventing worsening of leakage. 

Grouting Waterproofing

Similarly to injection waterproofing, this way works by injection of fluid chemicals under high pressure into cracks or cavities. The biggest advantage is it could be used in large areas. 

Coating Waterproofing

The most common chemical agent used in coating waterproofing is bitumen. Suitable for concrete surfaces and works by forming a protective barrier coating on the surface to prevent water from making contact.  

No Hacking Waterproofing

Main difference between no hacking and hacking would be that no hacking usually requires no drilling or damaging your tiles to get the waterproofing done. Customers with higher budgets can opt for this choice to save installation time. 

Epoxy Waterproofing

Using an agent named epoxy resins as a sealant to resist water can be used in many different surfaces. However, this material could take up a long drying time depending on its applications.  

Factors to Consider the Suitable Waterproofing Method


Think about the surface to be treated – is it tiled, moist, concrete surfaces, etc. Bear in mind that waterproofing only works for compatible surfaces. If you are uncertain, it is recommended to discuss with your contractor to get the right solution.  

Budget and Cost Involved 

Determine your budget when it comes to selecting waterproofing methods. Do include waterproofing maintenance fees when planning your budget. It is advisable to carry out surveys and do a comparison between different waterproofing companies first before deciding in order to get the most cost effective without compromising quality. 

Exposure to Weather Conditions

Environmental conditions may influence the choice of waterproofing methods. There is no use choosing materials that are unable to withstand the harsh weather conditions, especially for outdoor areas. The efficiency of waterproofing will not last long if not selected correctly.

Foot Traffic on Surface

How much traffic will be on the waterproofed areas? High traffic movement usually causes early deterioration. Hence, one should select materials that are more durable and traffic resistant for high traffic areas.

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