Signs Your Home Is In Need Of a Home Waterproofing Service

Do you know what are the common signs showing your home is in need of a home waterproofing service? Waterproofing is a must for every home to protect your home and allow you and your family to stay in a healthy environment. 

In this article, we will discuss the signs that you need to take note of when your home is in need of a home waterproofing service. 

Telltale Signs Your Home Is In Need Of a Home Waterproofing Service ASAP

  • Water Stains and Water Marks

Have you seen water stains and marks forming on your wall or ceiling? This is a sign that water is seeping through your wall. We recommend that you deal with it immediately before it gets worse. Find out the source immediately and get it repaired.

  • Visible Mould

Mold usually grows in an environment where it is damp and humid. If you see mold growing in your home, it shows that your indoor environment is damp. Engage a professional house waterproofing service near you today. 

  • Musty Odor

Some mold growth may not be easily visible. Hence, when you are in this situation, you can identify it by its musty odour. Waterproofing your house will help resolve this matter. 

  • Increase Humidity Levels

To reduce the humidity level indoors, waterproofing your house is a way to go. Besides, it can also reduce the chance of mold growth in places with high humidity levels.

  • Dark Spots on Concrete Floors or Walls

Have you ever seen dark spots on your concrete floors or walls? These may be caused by water in the cement. This is a sign to you that you need to engage a house waterproofing service

  • Puddle of Water on the Floor

You need to be alert if you find puddles of water on the floor unexpectedly. Water collecting on the floor in your house out of nowhere can be a sign of a water leakage in your house, and can lead to structural damage if no remedial action is taken.

  • Furniture Damage

High levels of humidity can cause your furniture to damage easily. If you find that your furniture gets damaged easily, you may want to take note of it. Waterproofing your house helps to reduce the level of humidity. 

  • Bowed Wall

Bowed walls refer to the basement of retaining walls that curve inwards, and it can be hard to notice. You will want to look for a wall waterproofing service if you face this situation.  

  • Cracked In Foundation

A crack in the building foundation is not good news for your home. There are many reasons that will cause cracks in the foundation, one of them is excessive moisture. Hiring a foundation waterproofing service during your house construction can prevent cracks caused by excessive moisture. 

  • Wet, Efflorescence or Chalky Wall Surface

Expect a dry surface for your house walls. If your wall surface is wet or starting to become chalky, it shows that your walls have been exposed to water. If you find wet walls in your home, it is time to get a waterproofing contractor to work on your house. 

  • Crowning or Warping Floors

Floor tiles are usually placed flat. But do take note if you notice that your floor is crowning or warping. This often happens if you use wooden floors that can easily crown or warp when it gets wet. Floor waterproofing can prevent this matter from happening. 

  • Warped Doors

Depending on the material of your door, the wooden door can swell up and warp when it gets wet which will make it difficult to open or close it. 

  • Insect Problem

Most insects love to stay in damp areas. Waterproofing your house can reduce the moisture and solve the insect infestation problem.

If your house is showing one or more of the signs above, contact us for our professional waterproofing company in Kuala Lumpur for an effective  waterproofing solution to help protect your property.