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There are a lot of DIY methods to waterproof your home in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor but a lot of people do not understand the importance of hiring a waterproofing specialist. Our company’s waterproofing specialists are knowledgeable in waterproofing systems with the necessary skill set to complete the job. Our professional expert team can provide you with the best quality workmanship.

Here are more reasons to choose our waterproofing service:

Years Of Experience In This Industry

First of all, we have been in this business for a very long time. Our employees are experienced and maintain a good level of quality in all our works with the use of quality material and modern technology. We ensure that you are free from any hassle when it comes to waterproofing, and our highly innovative contractor guarantees to deliver and produce fast and finest work to achieve the perfect timeline according to your required resources, size and design. 

With good establishments, our customers base is covering from national to international enterprise, including clients from health sport facilities, industrial companies, residential properties (eg. condo, apartments), office and complex, consultancy firms, and airports.

To most people who experienced water leaks in your building, it must be a nightmare to have a damped wet surface with mold growing all over it. To protect your building from a poor internal or external environment, it is necessary to waterproof it to avoid seepages. There are multiple areas that require proper and effective waterproofing such as the bathrooms, toilets, rooftops, walls, terraces of a house, water tanking, kitchens, balcony fountain, swimming pools, park, tunnel, bridge, basement, foundation, tiled floor, and concrete slab.

What if I am too late and my surfaces are affected? Do not worry, even the busiest individual, we are able to provide you with the simplest and best solutions. Better late than never!

Competitive Pricing

Of course one of the biggest concerns for building owners is the price for waterproofing. Our reliable consultants provide comprehensive and extensive recommendations with the most affordable pricing that matches your affordability and requirements. You can count on our reliability!

Using Quality Materials

Another notable reason why people prefer us is because we only use quality products that can last long. The material that we use suits the surface or the problem you are facing so we do not just do the same for all projects. 

Our waterproofing projects includes:


Houses where we can waterproof your ceilings and include rooms like bathrooms.


Commercial shops including large areas, we are able to waterproof them all!


We are experts in waterproofing services for high-rise and company buildings.


Yes, waterproofing is an important element that should be included in the processes where we add the final touch before the project is done. We offer wide range of waterproofing services such as cementitious waterproofing that usually applied in household internals such as in the bathroom before the tiles are laid to create a solid water-resistant layer; coating waterproofing, bituminous waterproofing (torch-on membranes and self-adhesive membranes) which is a common application for underground structures, and PU injection liquid waterproofing.

Our roof waterproofing work comprises of:

Fixing Roof Leaking Issues

Yes, if your roof is having structural damage with crack then you will have leakages. So before waterproofing it, we will fix the water leak from your roof efficiently!

Metal Roof Waterproofing

Metal roofs get rusted and damaged when exposed to water which will accelerate the rusting process hence waterproofing should be able to last long.

Flat Roof Waterproofing

We provide the solution to water pooling on your roof and damaging it by making it waterproof for better protection.

We are one of the leading waterproofing providers in our home country, Malaysia with our services focused on Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. If you have decided to start waterproofing your premises, regardless of repairs, maintenance, main renovation, refurbishment, looking to install or check your current premise leaking condition, we’ve got you covered! 

You may contact our friendly sales rep for more information, send in your enquiries via Whatsapp message, call or email, we’ve got your back!

Hire Klang Valley's #1 Waterproofing Contractor

Quality Workmanship

Our waterproofing specialist will conduct a site survey at your location and advise the best waterproofing solution for you.

Waterproofing Pros

Our experienced waterproofing team have completed various waterproofing projects and will perform an effective job for all our clients.

Best Prices Around

We charge a competitive rate for our waterproofing service. You can be rest assured that you are receiving a value for money service.


We are happy to work with your experienced waterproofing specialist team who are knowledgeable in various waterproofing solutions. We look forward to working together with your company for more projects in the future.

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