Membrane Waterproofing in KL & Selangor

We offer membrane waterproofing service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. This involves a process of applying a thin layer of sheets to achieve a waterproof effect on the desired surface. This will ensure that water would cause damage or leaks. Membrane waterproofing is often used on the roof, basements or even foundation of the house.

There are two common types of membrane waterproofing which are:

Liquid Membrane Waterproofing

Liquid membrane waterproofing is introduced for a fast and convenient waterproofing process. This is because less time is required to apply this type of waterproofing as the waterproofing substance comes in the liquid form. It would be brushed or sprayed on the surface, and let it dry completely before the waterproof process is done.

Torch Membrane Waterproofing

Torch membrane waterproofing is another way of waterproofing the surface by using a torch to melt the membrane onto the surface to soften the roll in order to waterproof the surface. This can be done by rolling out the layer slowly while using a torch to melt the membrane layer for adhesive.

Why should you consider membrane waterproofing methods? 

Our waterproof membrane has UV Resistant on our film so it will be able to withstand the sun and rain. Not only that, our waterproof membrane is durable so it would not tear easily when getting scratched by hard objects like nails and concrete.

Moreover, you can expect our membrane waterproofing service to withstand for a long time especially if it is torch on membrane waterproofing that can last up to a decade. Despite its durability, the installation of the waterproof membrane is quite fast and it only takes one day to install and dry it.

Membrane waterproofing can be applied in almost every part of your house that has a risk of getting water damage. A very common example is the rooftop and balcony since whenever it rains, there is a risk of water seeping into the concrete and causing water damage to your house. This is why many choose to have waterproofing service in these places. The swimming pool area needs to be waterproofed as there will be water wastage if water keeps leaking out from the swimming pool. Do waterproof your bathroom since it is a place that is covered with water most of the time and water which seeps into the tile can damage it.

Waterproofing service is highly sought because people know how important it is to get their house waterproofed to avoid damage to the foundation of your house. If waterproofing is not done at your home, there is a risk that your walls will start cracking when water seeps into the wall of your house. 

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