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Without our roof waterproofing service in Kuala Lumpur, Kajang and Selangor, the roof can be prone to leaks for households. Roof waterproofing is adding extra layers of protection on your roof that ensures water does not get through which causes the walls to rot or be damaged. However, a lot of people are not aware where or when they should reach out for roof waterproofing services. 

Here are some signs when to know when you need to engage a roof waterproofing service: 

Leaking Roof 

If you are having a roof that leaks, then it may be because your roof is not waterproof. During the rainy season, this can be something very hard to avoid. Hence, a waterproofed roof can keep your roof from leaking and save you the cost of repairing damaged walls or ceiling. 

Damaged Roof 

Continuous dampness could easily form mold on the roof which would make the roof vulnerable and/or affect the support beams and can cause it to collapse in the long run. Damaged roofing needs to be replaced, why not a waterproof roof to avoid the same thing happening twice? 

New Roof or After Roof Replacement

So if you have decided on doing a roof replacement or moving into a new house with a new roof, we recommend that you make it waterproof to prevent problems in the future and make your roof last longer than before which saves you the cost. 

Types of roof waterproofing work we perform for our clients: 

Tile Roof 

Waterproofing on tile roofs is by using special sealing membranes because the layer of roof tiles are easily permeable. The roof tiles are structured in a way that water can easily slide through and easily get cracked so it can be damaged easily. Hence why waterproofing would help keep water from entering the roof. 

Concrete Roof

Usually topical sealers made from epoxy or acrylic based materials are used when waterproofing concrete. Don’t worry, this comes in many colours and styles that you can add on to your roof. 

Flat Roof And Rc Flat Roof

Water collecting on flat roofs needs to be fixed quickly and efficiently. This can sometimes block the roof drains with debris which makes some parts filled with water that leads to pooling of water. 

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is the most important type of roof that needs waterproofing, this is because water can make metal roofs rust fast which will damage the overall roof. This will cut the lifespan of our metal roof. 

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