Ceiling Leak Repair in KL & Selangor

Hire our professional and affordable ceiling leak repair service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Do you know when you need a ceiling water damage repair? Don’t underestimate the water damage problems that can be caused by it. 

Common Signs Of Ceiling Leakage: 

  • Watermarks or stains on the ceiling 

If you see watermarks or stains on your ceiling, it can be because there is water dripping from the ceiling. You may want to engage a waterproofing company to check out your home ceiling.

  • Wallpaper coming off

If you notice that your ceiling paint is peeling off or that the wallpaper is coming out slowly, you will want to be aware of the situation. Excess water can cause the wall to swell, causing the wallpaper to come off.

  • Water dripping 

Water dripping from your ceiling can be a cause for concern. Do check for the source of your home leakage immediately.

  • Sagging ceiling surface

A well-maintained ceiling wouldn’t sag. One reason that caused it to sag is due to the ceiling material absorbing water. 

Root Cause of Ceiling Leakage Problem:

  • Leakage after heavy rain

If you realise the water leakage only occurs after heavy rain at home, it could be due to roofing leakage. 

  • Leaking water is clear

As the water in the pipe doesn’t have much debris, the water is usually clear. So, if your ceiling is leaking and the water is see through, it could be due to a plumbing leakage. 

  • Piping leakage issue 

Old water pipes have wear and tear, which may cause piping leaking issues. The changing hot and cold weather temperatures can cause the pipe to crack or burst.         

  • Leakage from bathroom

It could be that the bathroom above where your ceiling is located is leaking, or there may be some pipe burst in your bathroom. It can be the bathtub, sink, or toilet seat. Determine the source and fix it immediately.   

  • Water seepage from the unit above if you stay in a highrise apartment

If you happen to stay in an apartment, the ceiling leakage may be caused by the water seepage from the unit above. You may want to contact the building management to assist you on this matter.

It is necessary to engage a ceiling leak repair service quickly. Contact us by phone call, Whatsapp or email for a free quote to fix your ceiling water damage problem.

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Is water leaking from the ceiling an emergency?

Yes, water leaking from the ceiling is considered an emergency, and you need to take immediate action. The leakage situation can get worse and even lead to mold growth if no action is taken quickly.

How long does it take to fix a water leak in the ceiling?

It depends on the situation. A small ceiling leak repair can be resolved in a few hours. For a more complicated situation, it may take a few days to solve the problem. 

Can my ceiling collapse from a water leak?

Yes, your ceiling may collapse if you don’t take immediate action. The ceiling material can absorb water and it will collapse when it is unable to contain the weight of the water that is absorbed. 


Thank you for assisting me with my house’s ceiling water damage repair. The work was performed effectively by your water leak specialist and my living room ceiling looks good now.

Mr Gan

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