Rain Gutter Installation in KL & Selangor

Our company provides quality rain gutter installation service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Many homeowners tend to neglect the importance of the rain gutter installation. Rain gutters play an important role in protecting the foundation of the property. It can cause damage to your property if it is not installed properly. 

Importance of Rain Gutter Installation For Your Home

  • Prevent water damage

Water damage to your property can cost you a lot of money. Installing a rain gutter can effectively direct water away from your property.

  • Prevent mold growth

Mold can easily grow in a moist and humid environment. Rain gutters can help keep the external building’s environment dry, reducing moisture and preventing mold growth. 

  • Protects house foundation, windows, and roofing

Rainwater can build up, damaging the house foundation and affect the walls and windows surface. Effectively installed rain gutters and gutter guards can protect your house’s foundation, windows, and roofing from damage. 

  • Prevent soil erosion

Soil can be displaced when rainwater hits the ground directly if there is no rain gutter installed, causing water to accumulate on the ground. Installing rain gutters can help to prevent soil erosion at your landed property. 

Types of Rain Gutters We Provide:

  • PVC guttering

PVC guttering is more flexible and lighter, making it easier to install. It is an affordable guttering option for many homeowners in Klang Valley.

  • Steel guttering

Steel rain gutters are durable, and able to resist rust and corrosion. 

  • Metal guttering

Metal gutters are great to withstand outdoor conditions. They can expand or contract according to the changes in weather. 

  • Aluminium guttering

Aluminium gutters are able to withstand the outdoor weather environment, will not rust easily and are long lasting for many years. 

  • Box guttering

Box gutters are in rectangular shape and are able to handle high volumes of water.

  •  Vinyl gutters

Vinyl guttering is a budget-friendly option as roofing gutters.

Our Other Gutter Work Services in Klang Valley:

  • Gutter guard installation

It is recommended that you engage our professional contractor to do the gutter guards installation for your home.

  • Gutter replacement

We provide affordable rain gutter replacement service for homeowners in Cheras, Bangsar and Kelana Jaya. 

  • Gutter cleaning

You need to clean your roof gutter periodically to ensure it works effectively. Debris and fallen dried leaves need to be removed to prevent gutter blockage.

  • Gutter repair

You don’t necessarily have to replace your gutters each time there’s wear and tear. Hire our professional gutter contractor to check and perform effective gutter repairs.

  • Gutter maintenance

The maintenance of your home gutter system helps extend the lifespan of your installed gutter. 

Why Choose Our Gutter Installation Service in KL

  • Customised solution

We understand each homeowner has different guttering needs depending on their property requirements. 

  • Professional team

Having worked in this industry for years, our team is experienced and highly trained in home and commercial gutter works from installation, service and maintenance.

  • Affordable pricing

Every customer deserves quality service for their house roofing gutter installation. Our gutter installation pricing is competitively priced.

  • All-in gutter service

From gutter installation, gutter leak repair and other gutter maintenance, we ensure your roof gutter system works effectively. 

Contact our team by phone call, Whatsapp or email for more information on our rain gutter installation across Damansara, Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya.

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Thank you for assisting with aluminium rain gutter installation for my double storey terrace house in Damansara Jaya. The gutter works was performed well by your team.

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