Water Pipe Leak Repair in KL & Selangor

You can count on our company’s efficient water pipe leak repair service in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Selangor. 

It is not a small matter when your water pipes are leaking because it can cause damage to your home or property. Most people only find out that their water pipes are leaking after many days or months, but you can detect it earlier if you know the signs of a water pipe leaking. 

Our Water Pipe Leak Repair Service Includes: 

  • Leak detection service

It is not easy for most homeowners to detect which part of their water pipe is leaking. Our water leak detection service helps detect the source of leakage accurately.

  • Copper or stainless steel pipe leakage repair

Don’t worry if your kitchen or bathroom pipes are made of copper or stainless steel. We will assist you with the copper or stainless steel pipe repair and replacement.

  • Concealed pipe leak repair

It can be hard to fix pipes that are hidden behind the walls or kitchen cabinets. Our professional plumbing team is ready to provide hidden piping repair service for your home.

  • PVC water pipes or drainage pipes leaking

PVC water pipes and drainage pipes leaking are a common plumbing problem. We help to detect and repair the affected pipes that are leaking. 

  • Drainage pipe leaking

Drainage pipe leaking is commonly found on high floors or underground. Those who stay at the unit below the affected unit will be the first to find out the water pipe leakage problem. 

  • Exposed water pipe leaking

Exposed water pipe leaking can be easier to detect because these are pipes located on the external building wall. We are ready to help you fix the leak in your exposed water pipe. 

  • Pipe burst

Pipe bursting can be a major problem because water will be flowing out more. Engage our professional waterproofing and plumbing team immediately to look into the matter now. 

  • Damaged pipe joints repair

Pipe joints are prone to wear and tear over time. If you hear banging or ticking sounds coming from your pipes, look for a reliable plumber to help you resolve the problem.

  • Repiping

If you notice your home water pipes have a major leakage, you would want to consider upgrading your house’s water piping system or perform a repiping.

Replacing corroded or old water pipes

Water coming out from your taps should be clear. If brownish water comes out, it may be a sign that the corroded or old water pipes need to be replaced. 

  • Clearing clogged water pipes

Water pipes can get clogged up when there are large or foreign objects stuck in the pipe. It usually happens to drainage pipes and sink pipes. If the clog builds up, it can cause your pipe to burst. Get a professional plumber to clear the clogged pipes immediately to prevent bigger problems.

Signs You May Have a Water Pipe Leaking Issue: 

  • Increase in water utility bill

Not all water pipe leaks are obvious. They may already have been leaking for a period of time. If you notice your water utility bill increasing while your water utilisation rate has been consistent, check if your water pipes may be leaking somewhere.

  • Bulging or sagging drywall or false ceiling

Water can cause your drywall or false ceiling to bulge or sag. If you see bulging or sagging drywall or false ceiling, you need to be alert. 

  • Water stains on walls or ceiling

If there are water stains on walls or ceiling that are out of your reach, it could be a sign that there are water pipes leaking in your apartment or home. 

If you are looking for a professional plumbing team to repair your water pipes, we are the right company that can assist you. Our affordable water pipe leak repair service in Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya includes labour and material costs. 

Please don’t wait too long to fix your water pipe leaking problem. Contact us by phone call, send us a Whatsapp message or email us immediately for a free consultation. We will assist you to fix your water piping effectively.

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Thank you for the water pipe leaking repair service at my bungalow in Bangsar. The leakage was fixed effectively by your team quickly.

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