Liquid Membrane Waterproofing in KL & Selangor

Our company has been providing liquid membrane waterproofing service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for many years.

The liquid waterproofing membrane is a thin coating material applied on surfaces to ensure no leakage or damage with water. The liquid waterproofing membrane is a liquid that is sprayed or applied to the concrete surface using a brush or a roller, forming a thick joint-free membrane in contact with the air. The liquid layer is easy to apply and very effective in terms of preventing water leaking and the damage caused by it. 

There are several options for liquid waterproofing membranes. This means that you have a choice on what kind of liquid membrane you can use based on your preference. 

If you are questioning about what type of liquid membrane waterproofing are out there, here are some of the ones you can check out: 

Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber is a non-flammable liquid. Usually, liquid rubber is used when waterproofing rooftops because it’s property of being non-hazardous. So, it is perfectly safe to use it in buildings, and you don’t have to worry about your health. 


Cementitious waterproof coatings are two-component permeable and seamless coatings applied to concrete and masonry surfaces for waterproofing protection. It looks very seamless and enhances the aesthetic value of the surface that it is applied on. 


Acrylic waterproofing is very easy to use. It is less sensitive compared to other materials like polyurethanes. It is highly breathable, but it may be sensitive to UV rays. If you are planning to waterproof an exterior surface, you need to understand that it is susceptible to low and high temperatures. 

Making an object or building watertight or water-resistant is called the process of waterproofing. The liquid membrane waterproofing process can be done quickly. Liquid waterproofing membranes are applied like paint and dried into an elastic membrane with good waterproofing properties. Waterproofing is not exclusive to certain buildings or areas, but waterproofing can be used in many places to ensure the building lasts long without water leaking. 

Liquid membrane waterproofing can be used for the: 


You may think all bathrooms are slippery, but it can be an accident prone area. Also, having a damp and moisture place makes it easy for moulds to grow. Don’t wait to waterproof your bathroom today.

Car Park

We have always noticed green and greyish mould on car park surfaces, but have you wondered why it is happening? Well, usually because there is leakage that is causing moulds to grow on it, and eventually you will need to replace the whole wall or ceiling to fix it, but you can prevent it from happening through engaging our carpark waterproofing service. 

Swimming Pool

Concrete is porous, waterproofing the pool surrounding is very important. Usually, for pools, the swimming pool waterproofing process is done during the construction to avoid seepage on the walls. 

If you are looking to waterproof your office, home, or other building, you are in the right place! You can call us or drop us an email or message so we can further assist you on this! 

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