Concrete Crack Repair in KL & Selangor

Our team provides concrete crack repair service in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Selangor for houses and commercial buildings. 

Cracked cement repairs can be a headache, but it is a necessary work to be handled when visible cracks exist in the cement. Leaving these cracks unattended can lead to serious structural issues. It is important to find professionals to perform the concrete crack repair safely. 

Our Concrete Repair Service in KL Includes:

  • Spalling concrete repair

Spalling cement issues are usually found in older buildings. This is caused by the rebar being exposed or construction not being done properly. We can repair the spalling concrete for your apartment or building. 

  • Structural crack repair

Cracks on your ceilings or large diagonal cracks on the wall crack can cause serious damage to your property. You will need to fix it immediately to avoid further problems.

  • Non-structural crack repair

Non-structural cracks like hairline cracks may not be a crucial matter but it still needs immediate attention. These cracks are usually not more than 3mm wide. 

  • Concrete surface repair

The surface of the concrete may crack due to the exposure to the environment. There are ways to restore the surface effectively.

Our Cement Crack Repair Service Is Available For:

  • Floor

Cracks in cement floors are common issues, especially in places with heavy foot traffic like warehouses and factories after many years. Our staff are here to assist you with the concrete floor restoration.

  • Wall

Weather and temperature changes are the main reasons that cause houses and buildings, especially concrete external walls, to crack.

  • Ceilings

Cracks in ceilings are a hassle that can’t be ignored. Engage a professional concrete contractor to fix your cracked ceilings to ensure the safety and prevent your ceiling from collapsing down.

  • Concrete Slab

Excessive weight can cause a cement slab to crack, which can seriously damage your property. We can help you with concrete slab repair.

 We have experience in fixing cement cracks for landed homes, apartments, condos and commercial buildings in Kepong, Kelana Jaya and Putrajaya.

Our Concrete Crack Repair Process

Step 1: On-site inspection

Request for an on-site crack inspection by our team. This process helps us to understand where the cracks are and how bad the situation is so we can advise you on the best remedial solution. 

Step 2: Quotation, payment and scheduling

After inspecting the cement cracks at your property, we will provide you with a quotation for the job. Followed by payment and job scheduling after your agreement with the quotation we provided. 

Step 3: Begin professional concrete repair work

After you agree to the quotation and the schedule of work, we will start the work on time. Our team will perform the cement repair work at your premises and even clean up after.

Why Engage Our Cement Crack Repair Service

  • Reliable and experienced service

Our professional cement contractors have been in the industry for many years. Be rest assured that you are working with an experienced team.

  • Custom effective repair solution

Cracks at each property or even cracks in different parts of your home or building can be due to different reasons. We will assess the cracks on the concrete to determine the best way to resolve the problem.

  • Safety

Cement cracks can have a great impact on your property. We ensure the safety of everyone during and after the work is performed. 

  • Professional workmanship 

Our professional staff are all trained in cement crack repair including performing epoxy resin injection, and grouting and sealing work to restore the cracks in the concrete.

  • Transparent pricing

We understand the importance of pricing for the cement crack repair service. Our pricing is transparent and priced competitively in Klang Valley.

Contact us by phone call, Whatsapp or email today for more information on our concrete surface repair service in Damansara, Ampang and Shah Alam.

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Thank you the quality work by your guys on fixing and restoring the cement cracks on the ceiling and walls at my landed house in Ampang. 

Mr Samuel

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