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We provide toilet leakage repairs for homeowners in Kuala Lumpur, and Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Toilet leakage is a common house problem that can lead to water wastage, property damage and hygiene concerns. It occurs when water escapes from the toilet tank or bowl. Identifying and fixing the toilet leaks quickly is crucial to prevent structural damage, and maintain sanitation at home and buildings. Therefore, homeowners need to know the main causes and toilet leakage signs. This helps the hired plumber to solve and repair your toilet effectively.

Main Causes of Toilet Leakage:

  • Damaged or Stuck Flapper

Flapper is a rubber valve that regulates water flow from the tank to the bowl during flushing. If it is damaged or not placed in the right position, water can continuously leak, leading to a constant refill cycle. Moreover, mineral deposits accumulate around the flapper and prevent it from sealing properly after flushing. 

  • Faulty Toilet Float

If the toilet float malfunctions, water will overflow and it will fail to shut off the water flow when the tank is being filled. This leads to water leakage around the toilet and may cause damage in the bathroom. If your toilet float is unable to regulate the water level effectively, you may contact our plumber for repair service in Cheras, Klang or Ampang.

  • Spoilt Tank

This refers to a damage in the toilet tank. Cracks, fractures or corrosion in the tank can cause water to seep out continuously resulting in leaks on the bathroom floor. Such damage can be caused by wear and tear, poor installation or physical impact.

  • Blocked Drains 

When drains become obstructed by foreign objects or buildup of materials, water can back up and overflow from the toilet bowl. This blockage prevents the efficient water drainage leading to toilet leakage. We can help homeowners with water leakage problems to avoid future issues. 

  • Rusty Pipes

Metal pipes from iron or steel can corrode due to exposure to water and air. Rust formation weakens the pipes. It can lead to cracks, holes or leaks.

  • Malfunctioning Connectors

If toilet connectors, seals and joints around the toilet or junctions between pipes and fittings deteriorate, water leakage can happen. 

  • Damaged or Cracked Toilet Bowl

Cracks or damaged toilet bowls can lead to continuous water seepage. If the toilet bowl is not mounted properly to the floor, it can create gaps that allow water to escape. This can be prevented by hiring our toilet water leakage service in Mid Valley, Bukit Bintang and Shah Alam.

Signs of Toilet Leaking Issue:

  • Water Collecting Beneath Toilet Tank

When the tank leaks, water can slowly drip and form puddles or damp patches on the bathroom floor. If the tank bolts are rusted or loose, water can escape through the gaps. If you ever notice puddles of water collecting on your bathroom tiles, contact a professional plumber quickly for immediate repair.

  • Sound of Water Dripping

This dripping noise can stem from water escaping from the tank or from the toilet bowl onto the floor. If this is not addressed quickly, the water dripping can become worse over time. 

  • Yellow Water Stains On The Floor

These stains occur due to continuous toilet water seepage. After the water dries, it will leave behind mineral deposits and discoloration. Therefore, if you notice yellow stains around your toilet area, it is best that you contact an experienced plumber for water seepage repair service. 

  • Hard To Flush Or Flush Handle Problem

This suggests that water is not flowing properly due to a blockage or spoilt flush valve or flapper. This can lead to inefficient flushing and water leakage. Water pressure problems or sediment buildup in the flushing system may also lead to toilet leakage. 

  • Sewage Odour in The Bathroom

Sewage odours happen when there’s a break or crack in the toilet’s seals, pipes or wax ring. Sewage water contains harmful substances and signals the presence of stagnant water in your toilet. You should address these signs and engage our affordable toilet leakage fixing services.

Common Methods to Fix Toilet Leakage Problem: 

  • Hack All Tiles, Install New Waterproofing Membrane and Cement, Then Install New Tiles

First, our plumber will hack and remove the existing tiles to access the underlying surface. Then, a new waterproofing membrane is applied to create a barrier against moisture penetration. After that, fresh cement is laid down before new floor tiles are installed.

  • Flood Infusion Treatment Waterproofing Method

First, we drill small holes, then flood the cracks using the flood infusion treatment and seal them back later. The solution seals voids and cracks and is a cost-effective solution. As our company provides proper service for water leakage issues, you can contact us to work on your toilet seepage problem and we can also help ensure periodic maintenance of the waterproofing system.

In conclusion, bathroom water leakage is a serious problem and needs to be fixed ASAP. Additionally, homeowners should prioritise engaging a professional plumber for leakage repairs over DIY attempts. Our company delivers quality waterproofing work and plumbing repairs. 

We provide cost-effective and high quality toilet leakage repair and waterproofing services for homeowners in Petaling Jaya, Kota Damansara and Bangsar.

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