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Bathroom waterproofing is not something that most homeowners in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Selangor usually care about. When renovating your new bathroom, usually most homeowners pick the best wall colour or new tiles for how the bathroom will look like but have you ever experienced water dripping from your ceiling? This is when the bathroom can turn into a nightmare where moulds can be formed on the surfaces of the bathroom. To help and prevent this from happening, it is important to waterproof the bathroom. 

Here are some areas of your bathroom that needs waterproofing: 


The ceiling is more prone to leak because the ceiling drops off due to wet cement or paint starting to peel off or change in color. This can cause you to be dealing with a damp sealing that leaks whenever it is raining. 

Shower Section

Shower areas may cause problems to you and it needs more attention so that water does not seep through the surface. This can bring you further implications in the future where you will need to spend your money on repairs and so on. So better waterproof it early. 

Waterproofing work is to prevent water and moisture from oozing through the barriers and causing disruptive repairs.


When you are using the bathroom, the wall gets wet easily which may make the wall damp, the paint to peel off and mould grow on it. Keeping your bathroom safe from leaky water issues can be done earlier which is why we need to waterproof the walls. 


Having tiles installed on your bathroom floor doesn’t prevent water from penetrating through it. Cement-based grout, a popular tile material is not waterproof, so it is a must that you get it waterproofed. 

Here are some reasons to waterproofing your bathroom: 


Molds and bacteria live comfortably in areas that are damp and it can affect your health in many ways. This is because pests and molds can live in walls for a long time even before we notice it and so you should take earlier precautions to avoid these problems. 

Repairs and Maintenance

Cracking, blistering and peeling paint can occur at your home. For mold and bacteria growth on your walls, you will need a professional to help you clear out the mess. So instead of waiting for the worst to happen, you can save a lot of money in repairs by just waterproofing your bathroom.

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