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We are the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a reliable waterproofing service for commercial or domestic purposes in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Our company has been in this industry for many years and has earned a lot of credibility through our quality services on many large and small scale waterproofing projects. We believe with our many years of experience, you could expect the best solution from us for your waterproofing projects.  

Listed below are the type of waterproofing service we perform: 

Preventive waterproofing 

We provide preventive services especially for new buildings. The methods we use are torch on membrane, liquid membrane, bituminous membrane, and PU injection waterproofing. As a trustworthy waterproofing company, we always ensure all our staff undergo professional training. All our staff are highly trained in using different types of waterproofing methods. You can be rest assured that we only use high quality material for our work. 

Waterproofing remediation and maintenance

Many people often neglect to get maintenance checks for waterproofing after some time. However, it is important to get maintenance for waterproofing from time to time to ensure the effectiveness of waterproofing work so that it is long lasting protection to your building. Engage our service for quality waterproofing remediation now to avoid more serious threats.     

Water leakage repair work

We deeply understand how frustrated it is when it comes to water leakage problems. Therefore, you could just give us a call to book an appointment with our waterproofing contractor. Execution of repair work will be performed after the site survey is completed. Our pros have performed many projects and can provide you with the best water leakage solution.

In addition, we always work closely with different types of customers from different sectors. Our clientele includes business owners, domestic homeowners, companies, factories and many more. This has definitely given us more confidence in dealing with different kinds of waterproofing problems, no matter big or small.

There are a few reasons why waterproofing is important. Let us tell you why. Firstly, waterproofing allows you to increase the lifespan of your property as water leakage can cause severe damage to your buildings. When waterproofing is performed correctly, it avoids leaks and cracks that can lead to potential threats if not treated immediately. Most importantly, waterproofing should be done for safety reasons. This is because if water is allowed to penetrate into the building, it could endanger lives by causing health issues or even worse collapse of the building.  

Bear in mind it is crucial to find a trustworthy waterproofing contractor in Klang Valley. So choose us to be your partner today. Call our friendly customer team or email us for further information now!

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Quality Workmanship

Our waterproofing specialist will conduct a site survey at your location and advise the best waterproofing solution for you.

Waterproofing Pros

Our experienced waterproofing team have completed various waterproofing projects and will perform an effective job for all our clients.

Best Prices Around

We charge a competitive rate for our waterproofing service. You can be rest assured that you are receiving a value for money service.


Our company needed a waterproofing service for our commercial building located in Subang Jaya. Thank you to your experienced waterproofing team for helping us out on this project.

Michael Chua

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