Bathroom Floor Waterproofing in KL & Selangor

If you have not considered bathroom floor waterproofing for your home in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor before, you may be making a very big mistake. Are you thinking why a wet surface like a bathroom floor needs waterproofing? The floor of the bathroom is the main focus for you to waterproof it. Are you confused or wondering why there is so much importance being put into this? 

Here are some reasons why you should waterproof your bathroom floor: 

Make It Safe For Your Family, Especially Kids And Older Parents

Bathrooms can be a very dangerous place for vulnerable people, especially kids and older parents. We have all heard scary stories including preventable accidents in the bathroom. That is why the floors need to be anti-slippery, and waterproofing can help that. 

If The Budget Is Tight And Looking To Waterproof Your Bathroom 

Certain waterproofing works can be expensive, but if you are looking for a better alternative, we would suggest you only focus on the bathroom floor. It is something better than nothing, to be honest. You can just focus on this space only if you want to cut down costs. 

Preventive Measure For Future For New Homes

Once your floors start having leaks and cracks, it is hard to go back and to fix it would cost you a fortune, so it is so much better to perform waterproofing beforehand. 

Save You The Hassle Of Growing Moulds

Wet surfaces are heaven for moulds to grow in, and are dangerous to one’s health. 

If you wonder how bathroom waterproofing works, it is usually performed by using membrane waterproofing. A waterproofing membrane is a thin coating of water-resistant material applied to a surface to prevent water leaks or damage. Liquid-applied or preformed waterproofing membranes are the most common types. 

Our waterproofing service also includes: 

Bathroom Ceiling

Bathroom ceilings should be waterproofed to ensure that there is no water damaging the surface. Knowing that bathrooms have a piping system, the ceiling might have to be repaired if there is a slight leakage. 

Bathroom Walls

When you bathe, your walls get wet, and that is normal, but if prolonged, the surface may be prone to mould infestation, and that’s why you should waterproof it. 

Waterproofing For Other Parts Of Your House

Waterproofing is not just limited to the bathroom; if you have areas exposed to water and rain, you can get it waterproof, including the roof, balcony and ceilings. 

If you are ready and convinced to waterproof your home, search no further and get in touch with us! Let us know your requirements, and our team will come directly to you on-site to discuss, or you can send an image or video of your issues and your location. We will consult you on the best possible waterproofing solution.

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Thank you for helping me with my bathroom floor waterproofing for my old apartment unit in Kepong. The work done is efficient and of workmanship is good.

Cassandra Ee

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