Foundation Waterproofing in KL & Selangor

We perform foundation waterproofing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for houses and commercial buildings. Using the torch waterproofing method which involves using a layer of membrane and applying the waterproof membrane using a torch, which melts the membrane onto the surface. This will form a waterproof layer which prevents water from permeating the layers. 

Here are some reasons why foundation waterproofing work is necessary:

  • Foundation to be kept dry at all times

The foundation surface should be kept dry and clean always. In other words, if your foundation gets water damage because of poor or even no waterproofing, then cracks may start to develop on the foundation and cause your home to be damaged over time.

  • Hinder the growth of mould on the foundation

Foundation should be waterproofed to avoid growth of mould on the foundation which will cause further damage to the foundation itself. When the foundation is not properly waterproofed, water may seep into the foundation and cause cracks. The situation gets worse when mould starts growing on your foundation which may affect the air quality in your home.

  • Prevent cracks and damage

Every house owner should get their house’s foundation properly waterproofed by professionals to prevent cracks and other issues. As the water seeps into the foundation, there will be cracks which means the damage has been done on your foundation. If left unattended, it could deteriorate over time and the whole building may collapse, which will be a nightmare to the homeowner.

  • Prevent piping system getting damaged

The foundation can affect the piping system of your home, and your piping system at your home can affect your foundation too. This is why the foundation waterproofing is important to keep your piping system last longer.

Foundation inspection is the key in avoiding foundation getting deteriorated by water damage. This is why we highly advise that every home should at least have their foundation waterproofing done by professionals to protect your home. 

Our waterproofing experts also work on concrete, basement, retainer wall waterproofing projects. Concrete is the main material for many buildings, so it should be waterproofed on the foundation. The basement tends to get water seeping in very easily because it is located underground, so it is recommended to get waterproofing service. 

Search no further and get in touch with us through email or phone call or drop us a message if you are interested in our foundation waterproofing service. We will be assisting you through calls and can set up a free site visit if you wish so that we can identify your problem better.

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