Torch Membrane Waterproofing in KL & Selangor

Torch membrane waterproofing is a common way employed by many homeowners in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia for the roof of their house due to its durability and it can be completed quickly. A common application is for the roof or balconies of your house to prevent water from seeping into it which can cause structural damage to your whole house over time that can create poor safety and aesthetic of the structures.

Torch on membrane waterproofing methods involve using a bitumen material which comes in roll form like a carpet. Then, it is placed on the intended surface and a torch is used to melt the bitumen material onto the surface which gives it the waterproof effect. After that, the surface with melted bitumen materials is left to dry for 1 to 2 days before it is waterproofed. 

Effective waterproofing comes with good preparation. During the crucial preparation stage, installers will check the surface thoroughly, patch the pot holes with chemical treated mortar, remove all the loose particles, check the floor leveling, high pressure wash the entire floor area to remove any contaminated area caused by the algae, mould, and fungus. 

Subsequently, the installer will apply the cold, solvent based bituminous primer coating at the entire surface. This self-adhesive primer coating will act as the first protective layer of waterproofing to seal up those pores at the structures. Once it is done, the installer will start to torch the black membranes across the entire floor surface. 

With such flexible-easily-modified process and quality workmanship, it enables polymers to maintain its impermeable waterproof capacity, preventing cracks and water leaks in the future. When installed correctly, it can be very long lasting, making it a cost-effective anti-leakage option for residential terraces, construction sites, commercial and industrial buildings.

The benefits and advantages of using the torch membrane waterproofing method:

  •     Weather Resistant Feature

The roof of your house is always exposed to most heat and rain and this is why the membrane waterproofed layers for the rooftop are designed to have greater strength on weather resistance. This protective barrier effect can last longer since the membrane would not be deteriorated easily by the radiation, extreme temperatures, sun rays and rain; which also makes it to be commonly applied on the ceiling, wall, balcony, ground, underground, foundations, basements, parking, parks, and bridges.

  •     Reduced Carbon Footprint

The torching of the membrane is so simple that there are no complex materials which produce a lot of carbon footprints. This is why most people describe torch membrane waterproofing as one of the green roofing solutions that is environmentally friendly.

  •     Long Lifespan and Highly Durable

Torch on membrane waterproofing is some of the popular applications to get your houses waterproofed due to its strong durability which can last for a long period even up to a decade, and preferable for the usage of outdoor structure that is frequently exposed to moisture, or wet and damp environment such as the bathrooms and toilets.

  •     Fast and Efficient Installation 

This type of membrane waterproofing provides a faster and more efficient installation. Not only that, the process is also very quiet without using heavy machinery and equipment that will create noise pollution to the whole neighbourhood.

There is another option to opt for if you do not want the torch on membrane waterproofing. Choose liquid types of membrane waterproofing if you require a fast and efficient waterproofing which is ideal and suitable for those who have a complex roof that comes with a lot of corners and non-flat surfaces. The liquid membrane waterproofing material helps fill in cracks and tiny porous holes or hairlines.

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