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Our company provides PU injection waterproofing service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor locations as it is one of the most effective and long-lasting methods to fix most all types of water leakages. Water leaking normally occurs on the underside of the seepage area, the lower ceiling, and walls in the bathroom. This is an alternative if you prefer fast and affordable solutions to solve water leaks issues at your business operation area. 

Polyurethane is a fluid resin that can be injected into cracks, and other voids in cementitious grouts and structures. When injected into cement during a leak repair, within minutes the polyurethane undergoes a chemical transformation from a liquid to a solid. As it has a very short curing time and low viscosity, allowing it to be a highly ideal material for sealing active crack, hole and leaks.

 The PU injections technique holds some advantages over other selected waterproofing methods. Polyurethane is a versatile polymer and commonly used for industrial purposes. It is a strong adhesive and waterproofing material that will protect it well due to movement of heavy machinery and building movement due to nearby construction works that could compromise waterproofing effectiveness. 

With its flexibility and strength to provide resistance to thermal expansion as well as deterioration due to exposure to sunlight, making it one of the most suitable for applications on roof and balconies.

It is also popularly used for application to active leak repairs due to its fast drying property and ability to seal tiny-hard-to-spot hairline cracks as compared to other methods which involve heavy hacking, it is a relatively clean and a low cost solution. In addition it requires little to almost no further maintenance, making it a recommended choice for residential houses, commercial buildings, and industrial properties. 

Here are a list of areas where you can use PU injection waterproofing method: 


Homeowners who live in an apartment, house or a condominium, yellow and greyish stains on the plaster ceilings are probably because of water leakage issues. 


Walls that are exposed to moisture in the wet areas such as the toilet or kitchen may show cracks and paint peeling off. Poor drainage can cause water seepages that create hole and wear away concrete and other materials.

Metal Roofing

The roof is the first point for rainwater to get indoors, hence it must be the first main place for you to check and repair through waterproofing.


Since the balcony is outside of your home, it is easily affected by the weather especially when it rains and if you’re looking for a lasting solution. 


Water on the ground will create holes and gaps through the cracks which can be severe over a prolonged period, usually, tiled floors have grout in between tiles where it is easy for water to pass through the space which is why inserting polyurethane that can expand will fill the spaces easily to prevent water from seeping into the floorboards. 

Here’s a brief description of the PU injection waterproofing process:

Meetup To Assess Situation

The first stage after being contacted is a meetup for assessment, so that our specialists can understand the situation and address your questions and concerns, providing the kind of help you will need from us. 

Free Quotation

Our specialist will visit your condo or premises for inspection. After assessing the situation, we will identify the types of rectification layout and workmanship that is required, then provide you a quotation. 

Perform Work

After you have accepted the quotations that match your needs, we would provide and perform the waterproofing work. 


We do not leave the place messy; we will only leave after the cleaning work is done.  

Other types of waterproofing methods we offer: 

Membrane Waterproofing

This membrane is a layer of impermeable material, which is applied on the floor surface to prevent water leakage or damage.

Waterproofing Coating Using Epoxy Paint

A coating layer when it dries becomes stronger.

Bituminous Waterproofing

It is a good option if you want waterproof hard surfaces using a highly viscous liquid.

We are one of the top waterproofing service providers and our clients are coming from sectors such as estate, residence homes, garden, park, and other locations. 

We have a team of professional waterproofing experts with years of experience to provide a comprehensive PU injection and grouting services to assess and carry out necessary common repairs with our modern techniques, and all our prices are affordable based on our expertise and work quality.

We do our best to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services. For more enquiries, whatsapp message or contact our sales staff and technician now for a quote whether you are in Bukit Damansara or Klang Valley.

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