Waterproofing Roof Slab in KL & Selangor

We perform roof slab waterproofing work in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Many people in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have started to waterproof their homes and buildings. Our team serves these people who are looking to maintain their homes and we are proud of our service after being in this industry for years.

Why should you waterproof your roof?

Roof is located at the top of the building which makes it the perfect spot for rain to collect. If the rain water is not able to flow out in time, the water will seep in which can cause serious cracks in the long run. This is where waterproofing the roof slab comes in effective since it can prevent the leakage of water into the concrete.

There are few common methods used to waterproof your roof slab which includes the following:

This involves using a type of waterproofing liquid to create a waterproofing result. It is perfect if you have an uneven surface and you wish to have a seamless and fully-adhesive waterproofing system. The liquid applied waterproofing way is common because of its fast installation characteristics and it can even fill up the cracks on the roof.

A membrane sheet is rolled over where this sheet has a self-adhesive feature to bond the membrane with the roof surface. The sheet seals the overlapping parts automatically so that the surface looks flat.

This involves rolling out the fully-bonded membrane slowly with heat in order to let the membrane bond onto the roof surface perfectly. The torch membrane waterproofing layer is UV resistant and can prolong the life of the roof. It is effective for flat roofs, where the most pooling (water accumulates on flat surfaces which causes small or big pools) occurs. 

Bitumen is a black and viscous semi-liquid which is great for waterproofing a surface, especially a roof slab. This bitumen will be applied at the surface to achieve a waterproof result. For a better result, most construction companies use a membrane product that has bitumen and membrane combined, and then apply the membrane using a torch because the bitumen is viscous.

The best choice for waterproofing your household or office roof is depending on your budget and the type of roofing you have. If unsure, you can always schedule a FREE site visit from us and we will assist you in determining the best waterproofing solution.

If you are looking for a reliable company that can help you with waterproofing needs in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, please reach out to us by call or email to schedule a FREE site visit so that we can gain more information on the most suitable solution for you.

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