Bituminous Waterproofing in KL & Selangor

Our company provides bituminous waterproofing service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas. Its efficient barrier protection is due mainly to its hydrophobic property, which naturally repels water and prevents moisture from seeping into the surface. 

Strong, flexible and resistant to chemical and UV attack, this material protects objects in harsh, outdoor and indoor environments. 

Bituminous membrane waterproofing is commonly used for low sloping roofs. A layer of bituminous waterproof membrane is laid over the structural roof to protect it against the seepage of water onto the roof. The torch fire is then applied on the waterproofing membrane to ensure proper filing with no gap in between the joints for proper grip and to block water seepage.

Advantages of bituminous membrane waterproofing include:

  • Thick material: Asphalt or coal-tar pitch is made up of organic liquids that are highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof. Bitumen roofs are one of the longer lasting types of flat roofing materials that can easily last 20 years or more. 
  • UV stable: Using a 2 or 3-ply material with proper insulation making a bitumen roof withstand against heat or UV rays which far outlast the alternatives.
  • Durable: They have a high-tensile strength so they are unlikely to develop cracks that other flat and membrane roofs are known for. They are unlikely to be damaged in extreme weather.
  • Able to mix with other materials to create a good waterproofing membrane layer: No matter how the material is applied (self-adhesive sheets, hot-mopped asphalt, or cold-applied adhesives) the joints are usually melted together which is seamless to help stop leakage.

Irrespective of the scale, size, location or type of building, bituminous waterproofing can protect the building’s structural integrity and its inhabitants. 

Its application areas include: 

Building foundation

Bituminous coating or asphalt coating which is made of bitumen-based materials. Bituminous coating is a type of coating used for waterproofing and flexible protective coat in accordance with its formulation and polymerization grade. Its protection against water can be influenced by the polymer grade and type of fibre. Bituminous coatings are a waterproofing agent, especially on concrete surfaces.

Indoor car park

Car parking waterproofing is one of the most challenging waterproofing and surfacing jobs in a building’s waterproofing. It should prevent water from entering the premises below. It is long lasting, abrasion resistant, elastic, and esthetic surfaces capable of withstanding long term vehicular traffic.


Roof waterproofing is critical for structural integrity. Roofs are not just visual features; they fulfill a key role in a property. Whether flat or domed, every roof type has its unique character. 


A small amount of moisture can lead to swelling, popped joints and eventually the complete degradation of the floor. A good waterproofing system will prevent leaks and avoid a build-up of moisture, which can help to save you from those damage repair costs.

Retainer wall

When water and moisture find its way and seep to your ceilings and walls, it can result in the buildup of mildew and mold. This mold and mildew growth will create spores which can result in health issues. Waterproofing a home can help reduce moisture to your home’s interior which can make your home more comfortable to live in and ensure a strong foundation you can rely on.

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