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Finding a reliable waterproofing contractor in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor can be quite a challenge. We often hear horror stories about how the work done does not last or even makes the problem worse. 

That is why hiring a good and suitable waterproofing contractor should be something you should pay attention to. 

Usually people do not take it seriously but there is a whole lot in the process and key things you must take note of in order to get the best waterproofing contractor who will do a good job for you. 

That is why we have a team of experienced contractors who are ready to help you. Not sure what we are good at? 

Here are what our waterproofing team are experts in: 

House Waterproofing

Many people do not understand why house waterproofing is important. No matter which part of your house, waterproofing it would be good for your house, especially in your bathroom, kitchen floor and balcony area. 

Why waterproof? A waterproofed surface helps to create a healthier home environment for your family because mould to grows on wet surfaces. Prolonged exposure to mold can cause health conditions. 

Commercial Properties 

Waterproofing should be a key activity that is included in the renovation and maintenance of high rise buildings or warehouses. When a leaking occurs in your apartment unit, the damage may affect other units above or below your home. Imagine the cost of repairing all that! That is why prevention is better than cure. 

Why engage our waterproofing contractor service: 

Reasonable Rates

Our prices are affordable for the work quality and it is a good investment to make beforehand. 

Effective And Good Workmanship

Our waterproof contractors are professional and experienced in what they do. They have hands-on experience working on many projects similar to this. Our contractors are very effective in the work they do which maintains a lasting quality. 

Waterproofing Service

Our waterproofing contractors are well trained and will recommend what solution is appropriate according to your situation. Various methods include no hacking waterproofing, membrane waterproofing and waterproofing coating and many more. 

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