No Hacking Waterproofing in KL & Selangor

No hacking waterproofing is a dream come true for those who live in an apartment or condominium in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor as these high rise buildings are more prone to leaks from the ceiling and literally everywhere else. Having leaking ceilings, walls and floors can be frustrating especially when the surface becomes damp and mold may grow on it. 

Our no hacking waterproofing service is the solution for you where we use epoxy flakes. Epoxy flakes are layered on top as a form of decoration and also as protection. 

Here are some benefits of no hacking waterproofing method: 

No Hacking And Easy To Clean

The no hacking method does not produce as much dirt and dust when installing so it is way easier to clean. 


If you are wondering if the non hacking waterproofing lasts long, yes it does. It can withstand high pressure and is highly durable. 

Easier Installation

The installation process is faster and easier than other waterproofing methods. 

Smooth Finish

Because we use epoxy flakes, the surface will look smooth and clean which you would love to have.

Have you wondered, where is this no hacking waterproofing applicable? Many people understand the usage of it but do not know where they should use it. 

Here’s the application for no hacking waterproofing for homes and commercial spaces: 


Bathroom floors are one of the most important places that need waterproofing because it gets wet easily and no hacking waterproofing is a fast and convenient solution for you. 


Balconies are easily exposed to rainwater and if you want to make it waterproof without much hassle then waterproofing it is a good option. 


All types of houses and high rise buildings have floors. Engage our no hacking waterproofing service for your floors to extend its lifespan.


The swimming pool is one of the top places that requires waterproofing. Obviously pools are filled with water but the sides of the pools need waterproofing to prevent the surface from being damaged or moist all the time. 

So if you understand now what no hacking waterproofing is about and want to get your house or building waterproofed, call or email us now. We provide the best service for all our customers at competitive pricing. We are known for quality and long lasting service!

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