Floor Waterproofing in KL & Selangor

Floor waterproofing is such an important element when it comes to maintaining or even renovating your homes or buildings in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam or Selangor. 

Often, floors become mouldy, dirty, home to germs because one simple thing is not done which is waterproofing. If you have heard or experienced seeing mould growing on your floor, you know what type of nightmare it can cause your family.

That is why prevention is better than cure, waterproof your floors to avoid leakage problems in the future. 

An effective waterproofing work requires the right skills. That is why it is always wise to work with or hire a waterproofing contractor that is experienced in this job and field. 

Here are some common floor waterproofing projects we perform:

Balcony Floors

Many people don’t bother to waterproof their balcony floors. If you often use your balcony, you will know how easily it gets wet and feels damp. 

Condominium And Apartment Units Floors

If you live in a condominium or an apartment, you might not be aware that your floors have not been waterproofed. Condominiums and apartments dwellers often have the problem where their shared pipe system or even sewage system has problems. Leakages can ruin your floor in the long run and that is why you should waterproof it beforehand. 

Toilet And Bathroom Floors

Toilet and bathroom floors are one of the most common places to waterproof. Although waterproofing is not just limited to bathroom floors, it is necessary to ensure your floor lasts long. Unlike other surfaces, bathroom and toilet floors are exposed to water and it can easily be manifested by molds, hence why waterproofing your floors are important. 

Our other waterproofing work including:


Floors are not the only place that needs waterproofing. Areas in your home like the balcony and bathroom walls should also be waterproofed. Your floors are not the only one that gets wet, your walls can be at risk of wearing down too. 


Basements are a very common place for water leakages to happen. Especially, when the basement lacks sunlight exposure. A slight leakage may be expensive to fix hence it is a clever move to waterproof your basement beforehand.


If you live in an apartment or condominium under another unit, when your top neighbour’s floor gets wet or water leaks, it may dampen your ceiling’s surface. If you waterproof your ceilings, it will prevent water from their household penetrating to yours and your ceiling from being damaged or spoiled. 

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